Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Girl!

If you know Abby, you know she LOVES birds. I'm not even sure 'love' does it justice. Not only does she love them, she actually knows a lot about them. She studies her field guides and blows my mind with her ability to identify the birds she sees. She got a bird feeder for Christmas and today when I got home from work I saw three birds at her feeder (there haven't been many in the past few weeks). I showed her the picture when she got home from school and she was THRILLED! My brother in law took this great picture of Abby in California in October!

FYI: Abby's love of birds stems from the fact that I have called her "Birdie" for years. Her name is Abby Jane, which I shorten to Abby "J" (like blue Jay, etc) which somehow became birdie. My birdie!


joan b. said...

Sweet Abby J!!! There's not another 6-year-old anywhere that knows more about birds than she does! She's amazing!