Saturday, January 1, 2011

The year of 'Yes'

I like to think of a word for the year. This year will be the year of 'yes' for me. If you are interested, read on for a glimpse in to my heart as to why this word is my choice for 2011. Happy 2011 everyone.

When my triplets were first learning to talk I was determined to not have their first words be “NO”. It’s easy to have it become the first spoken word , at that age they are full of curiosity and mischief that leads easily to many parental ‘no’s’ a day. I tried very hard to avoid this by reserving that word for instances of instant danger or injury. Sure I used similar words occasionally like, “uh-uh” and did a lot of redirecting. With triplets you can imagine that there was a lot of redirecting going on at my house. My wonderful husband and I succeeded in our goal. Our triplets’ first words were not “No”. Nor their second nor their third.
Flash forward to the start of their 7th year and somehow the word ‘No’ is one of my most frequently spoken words. This does not mean that my kids are constantly in a state of danger. I speak this word for a variety of reasons. Least of all when they are in danger or their health is question. Mostly I speak the word when I am too tired. Or when I don’t want the mess. Or when we don’t have time. Or when it’s almost bedtime. Or when I’m busy. Or when I just want quiet. Or when I have other ideas. Sometimes I have observed that it is the first word I say to them in the morning (when they burst through my door BEFORE the set wake up time).
Not only am I speaking this word more than almost any other to my precious children but I am saying it to myself as well. Maybe not directly, “NO Anna” but more indirectly in my thoughts. Things like, “I can’t”. “There is no way” “It’s not possible” Negative self talk.
I am even saying “No’ to God. Not directly in my prayers, but indirectly when He places amazing new experiences and gifts on my plate. He blesses me with new experiences that obviously He knows I can handle. I respond with fear, frustration and the famous negative thoughts I mentioned above. I am not embracing the opportunities but focusing on the obstacles.
Somehow in the past 6-7 years I have lost my ‘No’ filter. It is no longer a word reserved for extreme bodily harm. In 2011 this will change. I want to fill my children’s heads and hearts with positive, affirming, strong words. Words that will make them grow. Words that will probably exhaust me a little more, words that will surely make more of a mess, words that might even make us late, or change the plans. I want to embrace all of that this year. Truly, I don’t want a quiet neat as a pin house (ok, every once in a while but not all the time!). I will also fill my own head with ‘yes’ words and phrases. I can. I am. I will. Finally, I will answer my God with a strong, bold YES when He places gifts and opportunities in my path.
2011 will be the year of Yes for me.


Kaiton Family said...

Yes Anna!! Beautiful! xoxo

joan b. said...

What a fabulous mom you are, Anna!