Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Relaxing Sunday

Sunday night movie night (one of my favorite weekly traditions)

The chair we moved upstairs for "my spot". I love curling up with a book (more often finding all 3 kids piled in the chair together!)

We had a beautiful snow falling all day today. It was like our house was in a shaken snow globe! Tom took the kids sledding and other than that we relaxed at home.
7 years ago today I went in to the hospital and began my journey of bed rest. That day God placed me in a loving protective bubble. I was cushioned in the palm of His hand like I have never experienced before in my life. I am thankful for that month, it made a world of difference in the lives of my children. We told the kids at lunch today that today was the day mommy went in to the hospital and that I was there all the way up to the morning of their Star Wars birthday party (on Feb 5). "Wow" is all they could say. "Wow" is really all I can say too when I look in awe at my miracles.