Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#176- 7 wonderful years with Sophie at home

Do you see the thought I was kidding didn't you?

Today is Sophie's special day, the day she joined her brother at home. Today we celebrated Sophie. Her amazing smile. Her passion for life. Her enthusiasm. Her laughter. Sophie had a wonderful day, after school the kids were surprised with the direction to "get in the van". We have a very important rule in our house and that is when Captain Sundae opens, we must eat there that day. The rainy, foggy, cold didn't keep us from our goal. The kids enjoyed the first Captain Sundae of the season (#172) in the van! Sophie selected homemade mac and cheese and fresh pineapple for her special dinner. It was perfect.

Tonight the girls went to the Ash Wednesday service with me. (Tom stayed home with Noah who is doing MUCH better and will return to school tomorrow!) For some reason one of the most beautiful moments in recent memory was my girls with crosses of ash singing beautifully from the red hymnals (psalm 103) (#173). What a beautiful day for a beautiful girl.


joan b. said...

I need to check your blog more often, Anna - so many great pictures and updates. Your kids are so full of life and they seem to enjoy everything they do! Such fun and happy kids!