Thursday, March 31, 2011

And they're off...

The kids left EARLY yesterday morning for Tucson with my parents. They will stay with my grandpa for the next 6 days. They could not be more excited before they left and are having a blast. They will enjoy 90 degree temps, swims in the pool, hikes, a theater show, and amazing Mexican food. My parents and grandpa have been planning this trip for weeks! We miss them terribly, but know they are making the most amazing memories!

"What will you do?" is the question we hear the most.... we started yesterday by taking the day off and spending it in downtown Detroit. I took Tom to a few of the places I discovered on my spring break trip (AMAZING places...if you are curious, please ask...Detroit isn't all what you think!) We had breakfast at a fabulous local bakery, visited the Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Art (as well as the other exhibits), ate at the best Mexican restaurant ever, visited the conservatory at Bell Isle...

We also have plans to see a movie, clean the house, have dinner with friends, and I must admit...sleep in.

Keep the kids in your prayers (it's a long week away from home), my parents and grandpa (for energy!!), and us (because we miss them so much!)

Happy Spring Break!

Detroit Metro Airport: 4:00am! The Rivera Murals at the DIA (have you seen them?)
Relaxing and Playing with my new iphone at Belle Isle


Kaiton Family said...

Adelee says "Awwww, are they married?"Re: the adorable picture of you and Tom!!