Friday, March 18, 2011

#214: 7 years of Awesome Abby in our house...

and our family being at home, together. Funny, aside from Abby's hospitalization in 2006 (?) I struggle to think of another night that the kids have spent apart, not under the same roof. They've been away from us, but not from each other. Watching their bond and their love for each other is truly one of the most precious gifts in my life.

Abby Jane is a gift. She shows the best combination of spunky, spirited, love and thoughtfulness. I love Abby's smile. I love how she loves to snuggle in to my chest even as a 7 year old. I love her passion for her interests (currently BIRDS and Star Wars). I love watching her draw, paint and write. I love listening to her read.

Sophie forgot her homework today so I brought it to school (thanks Kate!). It gave me an extra opportunity to give each kiddo a kiss (story about Noah's response later). The classroom was in shambles because the kids were cleaning out their desks. Paper was piled EVERYWHERE! I literally had to tip toe around piles to get to Abby. Abby was sitting quietly at her very clean desk...reading. "look at the bird book I got from the library mom". This is the same child who got one finger at a time messy when finger painting.

Abby realized this year that she was in the hospital longer than her siblings. Just seeing her process this brought a tear to my eye. It was a terribly difficult time to have two preemies at home and one in the hospital. I am thankful for the amazing family support we had during this time. I did my best to stumble through an explanation of why she was there and how lovingly she was visited. Even showing her pictures. Noah piped up, "NO FAIR" Not my favorite comment and I assumed it was not going to end well, but I asked anyway, "what do you mean?" He responded "Abby got all that extra special hospital care". Abby smiled. Thank you Noah, you are wise beyond your years.

Today I am thankful for my Abby Jane. My AJ. My Birdie. And for the house full of love that I have. 7 years ago today a collective sigh of relief emanated from my house (as well as houses in Livonia, Byron Center, California, Florida, Seattle......) while we still had worries (does that ever really end?) our triplets were home. They were tiny but they were strong. God is good.


joan b. said...

Precious Abby. Precious Sophie. Precious Noah. What tremendous gifts they are!
I'll never forget the day you finally had all three of them home for the first time. Lots of celebration - and apprehension. Those first few months at home will always be special memories for me!