Friday, July 22, 2011

The girls!

Noah had his second slumber party on last Sunday so the girls enjoyed another 'special' day. They played in the sprinkler (I am still learning my new camera and deleted THE most amazing picture of Abby... :( ). That evening we decided daddy would take us out to a 'fancy' dinner at City Vu. I told the girls to get a dress on, and as you can see they selected their Easter dresses. :) As we sat the the restaurant looking out at the city we were in awe of their amazing manners and their sweetness. It was so special! They were thrilled to find out that Thursday night they would have their first sleepover at a friends house. They returned this morning a little tired (ok, a lot tired!), but having had an amazing time!

By the way, Noah had an awesome week too between the slumber party, his last baseball game (in which he hit a grand slam home run to end the season), and Pirate Science Camp at Hope!!

We love summer!