Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank you Major Matt

Tonight we had the honor and privilege of having Tom's college buddy Matt over for dinner. He is in Holland for the wedding we attended last weekend. He is what our kids call a, 'Real, live hero'. Matt is a Major in the United States Air force. He has done several tours of the Middle East. He is currently stationed in Germany for the next few years. We try to teach our children to be respectful of our military 'heroes'. It was very special for them to share a meal with him. To laugh with him. To learn from him. The sign Abby made says it all, "Thank (or Theank) you Major Matt"


Laura said...

Is that "Stink"? I had no idea that he was in the military. Glad to see the kids were able to honor him in the way he deserves....you teach them well.

joan b. said...

I, too, thank Major Matt!

It's surprising how many posts I've missed the last while...what great times for you and the kids! Summer really is wonderful, isn't it!