Monday, July 25, 2011

A Weekend Away

My favorite flowers picked by my amazing husband on the side of the road when we were almost home.

An AMAZING dune (Sleeping Bear) that we did not hike (not allowed in this spot due to erosion...whew!)

Sunset over Lake Michigan right down the street from our cabin in Glen Arbor.

A perfect spot for a pizza dinner in Glen Arbor.

Beautiful flowers at Tandem Ciders on Leelenau Pennsiula.

Our new favorite ciders!

The amazing site of our friend's wedding in Maple City. (Snow Moon Ranch-see Martha Stewart's pictures of a wedding there!)

My new yellow shoes on the drive to Glen Arbor Friday night.

Tom and I enjoyed an amazing weekend away in Glen Arbor this past weekend. We are thankful for our parents who played with the kids while we were gone. We celebrated a wedding of one of Tom's college friends on Saturday night and stayed in town until Monday to enjoy a little r and r. It was both beautiful and relaxing. Of course we were thrilled to get home to snuggle the kids! By the way, we forgot the new camera but I had fun with my i phone!


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

who needs that new camera when you have that iphone! although i don't think we can credit either camera for the photos you have been have an amazing eye for photography! who knew? what a beautiful weekend!

Laura said...

Wow, looks like an amazing weekend....beautiful, relaxing, good weather, good company, great shoes. :)