Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Collage from last week!

I know I posted a lot of photos from last week, but to keep with my pattern of 'looking' throughout the week, here is a collage.

Beautiful glass knobs I had to choose from for the kitchen!
My Perry the Platypus cupcake for the class party.
The rainbow cake!
Frosting dipped oreos for the class treat (in school Monday....yes, I know the entire class was AT the party WITH cupcakes on Saturday....but the kids really wanted a school treat too! I consented, but did not bake!!)
Baking pans on Friday night!
A beautiful coffee shop we stopped at on their birthday.
My 8 year olds heading out in the van WITHOUT car seats for the first time.
Singing to the kids on their actual birthday night with the 1/2 of the cake that was left, while watching the Superbowl!

Oh what a beautiful week it was!!


joan b. said...

Another great week! It was great to extend the celebration today :)