Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Love!

What a great weekend! We were even surprised to have an extra day! Friday was our first snow day of the year. We were ecstatic and enjoyed sleeping in (me!), vegging in front of the tv in jammies (kids!), and HOURS of playing outside! The kids even had their first day of college...they attended my class! I teach future elementary teachers science at Hope and the kids jumped right in! The kids had a blast teaching my students the water cycle IN SPANISH! They drew it out, and explained it! It was remarkable! They were perfect and my students lOVED it! Saturday I was able to watch Noah's last basketball scrimmage, and all the kids enjoyed play time with friends. This day also had hours of playing outside (including playing outside with Grandpa M. AFTER dinner Saturday night until we had to call them in because it was so dark!!) Sunday we spent the day at Double J Ranch's water park. We gave this day to the kids as their 'Gold' gift this year for Christmas. This is a day of quality time together...a treasure. We had a blast. The kids swam for 5 hours straight! All 3 kids went down water slides many, many times! Tom must have made 100 trips up the steps with a one kiddo or another! Have I mentioned what a wonderful dad he is? Though I will have you know I did go down the 4 person slide about 5x myself! (Not really a water slide person!) We got home in time for Sunday night movie night before starting up a new week. What a wonderful weekend!