Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow: Happy 8th Birthday

The celebration began at 8:31 this morning when we began the 'birth-time' hugs (followed by 8:32 and 8:33). We enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls, lots of snuggles, and a special day in Grand Rapids. We took the kids to a wonderful lunch at Mongolian BBQ. The next stop was Barnes and Noble where they got to pick out a book (and enjoy a cookie/cupcake). Followed by a stop at Crazy 8 to pick out an outfit. The last shopping stop was Toys R Us where they got to pick out a toy. On the way to the next stop (a great local coffee/tea shop I researched in EGR) they decided they were too full for hot chocolate! The parents and grandparents who were meeting up there enjoyed a coffee/tea! The final stop of the day was at Devos Children's Hospital in GR, where their wonderful 8 years began, to donate the toys from their birthday party yesterday. This is such a special way for us to give back, and always brings a tear to our eyes. Back in Holland we had a Superbowl 'party' with nachos and popcorn and a few more birthday snuggles. They started out so tiny 8 years ago today, and since then they have brought us infinite amounts of love, laughter, and joy. They are amazing, they are strong, they are smart. We are blessed beyond measure.


joan b. said...

Wonderful day of celebration for the greatest 8-year-olds in the WHOLE world! Thanks for sharing the gift-giving with us - it's amazing to see the kids give the gifts so cheerfully. Such terrific lessons they're learning about the joy of giving!

p.s. I see the extra frosting Noah told us about :) Birthdays have extra perks, don't they!