Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost forgot to 'look'

For the first time since Jan 1 when my year of 'looking' began, I almost forgot this past week. I got to mid-week and realized I only had 1 picture! I had to make up for lost time! The experience did make me more diligent with this week! So, here's what I was able to put together for last week....
My grandpa Low was in Holland for Easter weekend, because of some car repairs he stayed around on Monday. We were thrilled to have a few hours with him that afternoon. The kids had an art lesson with him after school. Love.
The next picture is a little strange....let me explain. This is the soaking knees of Noah's jeans. Every. Single. Night. Grass stains appear on his knees in no time flat, leading me to become quite amazing at stain removal (if I do say so myself). This phenomena even led Tom to ask, "What do you put on those pants....every night they are stained and every morning they are clean?" I'll let you in on my secret combination if you have a crazy grass stained kid like I do :)
My kiddos in the backseat of Tom's car...strange to have the car seat free ability to not take the mini-van!
Sophie's hair in a 'knot'
Sunday the girls and I spent the afternoon shopping in GR. We went in search of a flea market, which ended up being a flop, so we enjoyed hot chocolate and chai before heading off to the bookstore, the shoe store (first communion shoes), and Nordstrom Rack. Girl Time!!
Even though I got a late start on the week, the blessings were abundant. They are always there.


joan b. said...

I heard Tom ask that question about how you get the stains out of Noah's jeans. He was - and probably still is- flabbergasted :)

Love the pics of your week!