Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The gifts of a week together!

I'm a little late to post, and I actually have many more pictures taken with my 'real' camera, but for now here is a little snippet of the gifts we found on spring break last week. Even though I still had to teach (thank you to Bill and Joan, my mom, and a couple of play dates!) we still had an amazing week. Sunday we went glow bowling, shared Abby's famous tomato soup, and captain sundae with both sets of grandparents! Monday morning started with jammies and snuggles, doesn't get any better than that! Tuesday and Thursday the kids did short classes at the DeGraff Nature Center and I took a few moments to enjoy the sunshine and my book. Wednesday I picked the girls up at their friend Ella's house in time to meet all of the frogs and tadpoles they had caught!! That house is like summer camp!! Thursday night my mom joined Abby, Sophie and I for manicures. The girls have had their nails polished before, but never a full manicure! It was so fun!! Friday and Saturday we took the kids to Chicago for two days of fun (and TONS of food....4 stops all featured on Food Network...more details later!). Sunday we celebrated Easter all together with: my parents, Tom's parents, my Uncle Brian and Aunt Melanie, and my Grandpa Low. Hours of joy, laughter, food, and love at my parents beautiful sun filled home in Holland. Couldn't think of a better way to wrap up a wonderful week.
Monday morning was sad to pack the kids back off to school. Noah must have been feeling the same way when he said, "Mom, if you drive us to school today we'll get more time with you and make spring break last just a little longer." Needless to say 2 seconds later we were all snuggled up on the couch with our books to savor the extra 15 minutes before we had to leave to get them to school on time. Every moment is a gift.


joan b. said...

LOVE Noah's comment about spring break :) It was wonderful to spend time with you and the kids during their vacation!

Laura said...

Can't wait to spend some time with all of you in a few weeks! Love you guys!