Saturday, March 31, 2012


The last week in March was full of joy and beauty (and Barnes and Noble it seems!). Tuesday night we saw this beautiful tree near our garden plot (from which Bill, Joan, and the kids were able to harvest Kale...from last summer!!) The kids all got 100% on their 'Sociales' test on Monday....all in Spanish. I know, I am bragging, and I apologize, but they are amazing :) Thursday was the kids last day of school before spring break! We celebrated after school with a treat at the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. Friday morning started out with laziness and snuggles, just like the first day of spring break should! (Followed by playing, lunch and the library with grandma and grandpa Bonnema...thank you! And 'Mirror, Mirror!) Saturday we were able to have individual time with the kids again: my mom had Abby, Tom had Noah (they golfed 9 holes...after Noah ran 2.5 miles with me!), and Sophie and I painted watercolor and spent more time at Barnes and Noble (more treats!). Saturday night Tom and I had a date night (thanks mom and dad!), it was perfectly wonderful!


joan b. said...

You are entitled to brag a little - your kids are amazing! All three - such gifted - and fun! - kids :)