Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joy from this past week

This week was filled with joy, and some sniffles. Both Tom and I came down with nasty colds this week, hence the first picture: my 'puffs plus' box and tea mug two items that seldom left my side this week. My family will recall the days of my childhood when my dad would go out to get my 'puffs plus' any time I was sick. I love you dad! Wednesday the kids and I shared another March tradition (not as great as Captain Sundae) Shamrock Shakes! The kids put on a great 'circus' to cheer us this week. Thursday was a half day at school and the kids and I loved sharing lunch together at home. That meal was always one of my favorites when we were home together when they were little, so this day was extra special! I even summoned the energy to make peanut butter kiss cookies as a special treat.