Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I started seeing the tell-tale signs about a week and a half ago. A few days later, the sign went up, and the date was marked on our calender. We had our plan. We were excited.
Today, as I stepped out of work and a warm breeze hit my face and I was blinded by sunshine I wondered deep down if today would be the day. It would be one day early....but would it be today? About 5 minutes later I knew the answer and literally squealed with delight the entire rest of the way home. It was the longest 15 minutes ever spent waiting for the kids to get off the bus...and then we were off. To 'THE BEST DAY EVER'

As we enjoyed our ice cream, and shivered just a little (it was 63 degrees, but windy!) we allowed ourselves to dream of our many visits here this coming summer....when we'll be sweaty from a bike ride, or gritty with sand from the beach, or exhausted from a day of park hopping....allowed ourselves to dream of summer when there are long strings of 'best days ever' to be had.


Chuck, Martha and Family said...

AHHHH! I love those 3 so much!! Not a day goes by that we don't think about you guys!! xoxo

joan b. said...

A day early!!! What a great surprise! We'll be happy to take you and the kids there lots of times this summer :) Nerd flurry....here we come!