Monday, March 19, 2012

Looking for blessings!

Last week I posted several times, but still found a few more photos from the rest of the week taken in my quest to "look" for the blessings in the everyday. Tom was in China Sunday-Friday, so I spoiled the kids just a little! Wednesday temps pushed 80 so we made a trip to Capt. Sundae before religious ed. While they were at religious ed I tested out my new chair on the it! I guess I spoiled myself a little too a new chair, and tulips! In my defense I was a single mom for the week with a horrible sinus infection (don't get me started about the med. reaction). Friday afternoon I picked the kids up a few minutes early from school so we could greet Tom as he got off the plane. The kids love holding up their "Welcome Home" signs and being there to wrap him in gigantic hugs. Tom had a nice trip, very busy with work though! He brought home some amazing gifts including pearls (black for me!!) tea, a beautiful tea pot, and even a few coats! Saturday we celebrated St. Patricks Day downtown Holland with Bill and Joan. Sunday we kept the 'welcome home daddy' celebration going with banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and a picnic dinner of pizza in the back yard (with bare MARCH!)


joan b. said...

That new teacup is beautiful - I'll have to share a spot o' tea with you soon :)