Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots and Lots of 'looks'

I mentioned last week that I had almost forgotten to 'look' for and take quick phone pics of my everyday blessings.  This week I was very conscious and saw so many!
Monday morning the kids had their 8 year old dr. appts.  I had to laugh when I took this first picture of all 3 waiting on the exam table....reading quietly at 8am.  We've come a long way from 3 baby car seats, to a giant triple stroller and cheerios everywhere, to all 3 trying to fit on my lap.  They all got amazing reports, healthy, strong, TALL 8 year olds.  You'd never guess how tiny they started if you didn't know.  Blessed beyond words.
Wednesday I surprised the kids with 'Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans' for an after school snack (with popcorn and smoothies at Grandma Mosher's).  Noah loved them, Abby tried a few, Sophie tried one and Tom spit his out!  :)
For two Wednesday evenings we have Religious Ed until 6 and soccer practice for the girls at 6:30, so we made the most of the quick turnaround with a picnic at the soccer fields.  Hey, it's a family dinner!
Friday we met Tom for hot chocolate/chai after school/work.  They got creative with our it.
Driving home one evening Abby looked up at the sky and said, "Mom, it's God shining his Grace on us"  If that doesn't make you stop in your tracks to inhale the beauty of the rays of sun shining down, and the daughter that notices....(they are working on a talent show surprise with America the Beautiful, hence the wording) 
Silly sisters on the kitchen counter
Saturday morning we had a First Communion Reflection/practice.  The kids painted plates and made bread.  Noah was selected to do the first reading at the mass.  So proud of him.
Saturday afternoon the kids all got inspired to paint, it was amazing.
Saturday night I wore my new pink jeans and Tom and I enjoyed a wonderful date night (thanks mom and dad!).  We had onion rings (and dinner) at Clementine's in South Haven....yum! 


joan b. said...

Three healthy, happy 8-year-olds! They are amazing kids!