Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday of our trip to South Dakota

Monday was our first day in Custer State Park, and it was full to the brim with fun!  We woke up in our amazing little cabin and heading out to horseback ride in the National Forest.  It was beautiful (and hot!).  We quickly changed back in to our shorts and headed to Crazy Horse, which was beyond words amazing.  The scale is unbelievable.  The massive-ness of the project is unable to be comprehended.  The man who started the monument decided he would do it without Government funding, so it remains a family run project (now the carving is done by his children) funded by donations.  It's been 60 years, and we are not thinking we will see the finished project in our lifetime.  But, what a monument it will be.  Crazy Horse is saying, "My land is where my people lie buried."
We ended the day with a nice dinner in the city of Custer (there was a fire ban, so we ate most of our dinners out) followed by a guided drive of the "Wildlife loop".  It did not disappoint!!  (the pics are out of order, but you get the point!)