Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip!!

We just got home from an amazing road trip to Custer State Park!  It was absolutely amazing in every single way.  I took a million pictures and captured even more priceless memories.  I will try not to overwhelm with pictures, but today I will post a few from the 'road trip'  to South Dakota part of the trip! 

Candy shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Did you know this place existed?  We had to stop....Tom loves Spam (granted I've only made it for him once in all the years I've known him!)

This is what a road trip is all about, right?

The Corn Palace!  Theme:  Youth Sports! Noah found the football!

Soccer and Volleyball for the girls!

The Badlands!  Just like I remembered as a child:  HOT!

'Free' water at Wall Drug!

Really icky dinner here, but we made a memory!!  :)
 Stay tuned for more to come!


joan b. said...

Love seeing the pictures again! What a great trip!