Thursday, July 12, 2012


Noah has had a wonderful and very special week.  On Tuesday evening he got to meet his hero.  Kirk Cousins was in Holland for a father son event, and Tom and Noah got to attend.  Even though it was our anniversary, we didn't think twice...this was a once in a lifetime experience for Noah.  He loved it.  Kirk gave a wonderful speech and took his time talking to each and every person who waited in line.  It is so refreshing to have a college/pro athlete be such a strong Christian 'hero' for those who look up to him.  Thank you Kirk Cousins! 
Wednesday night Noah played his last baseball game of the season.  He did great, including getting the final out of the game by chasing the kid down (Noah was playing 3rd at the time) and diving for the tag.  Although they don't keep score, those that do it in their mind say it would have been the tying run!  Noah even got a scraped up elbow to prove it!

After the game we celebrated with the homemade lemon yogurt cake the kids baked for my birthday (from scratch).  They really did 99% of it themselves, and it was delicious!  


joan b. said...

It was wonderful to hear all about Noah's special evening with Kirk Cousins - and that he got BOTH his shirt and his poster autographed! Big week - Abby's got an adorable haircut, Noah made a diving move to make the last out of the game, both vehicles are back from the repair shop, a 13th anniversary, a birthday, and yes - the cake the kids made was delicious!

Chuck, Martha and Family said...

tWow, the smile on Tom's, I mean Noah's face is priceless and brought a tear to my eye! So cool!