Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding joy

It was a sad week.  My amazing Grandpa Low passed away early Sunday morning.  It was a busy first week of school.  It was a week full of football practice and the first church choir rehearsal for the girls.  It was a week full of classes at Hope (even on Labor Day).  It was a week with 2 trips to Jackson.  In the midst of the crazy, sad week there was joy to be found.

Beautiful sunflowers at our garden (not in our plot).
The girls picking me Queen Anne's Lace (my favorite) at Noah's football Scrimmage.
Watching Noah's football scrimmage on a beautiful 'fall' day (with Ernie on my lap) (more pics later)
Time in Jackson with family:  Laura flew in and we laughed and cried together.  A wonderful antique store.  Ice Cream at the Jackson Dairy.
Memories savored of time with Grandpa including the last photo, taken at a visit last winter. 


joan b. said...

Grandpa Low was a unique, interesting, talented, and kind man. We are blessed to have known him.