Friday, September 28, 2012


Computer problems kept me from posting this collage (from last week) earlier.  Last week we cherished:
  • homemade peanut butter cookies after school. 
  • A beautiful rainbow (two actually) on our drive to school Tuesday. 
  • The girls are doing a free acting class at the library on Tuesday afternoons, I particularly love the quiet time doing homework and reading with Noah. 
  • Clean towels all folded and put away
  • Sophie's laughter during dinner (and always)
  • quiet reading time in the chair with Abby and Ernie
  • Noah's football game
  • First annual 'Appetizer night'.   A student in my First Year Seminar wrote about a family tradition she had growing up that involved a family room dinner of all the frozen appetizer they were NEVER allowed to have followed by a movie and ice cream.  We loved shopping for these 'naughty' treats (Abby:  " Mom, why is everything in our cart frozen?"  and Mom:  "What do you think mommy would have said if you would have asked for these foods on a 'regular night'?  Kids:  "NO WAY!!")  It was super fun, though left me with a bit of a stomach ache!  :) 
  • Starting a list of 'Newbery Award' potentials being read by each member of the family