Monday, September 3, 2012

The summer of no

As we checked off the final boxes of our 'Summer List 2012' the kids said, "Mom, the summer of no was the best summer ever!" 
The summer of no.  No spreadsheet to keep track of the kids events.  Almost no rushing to get somewhere.  No over scheduled days.  99.9% no 'signed up' activities (there was a loop-hole by Noah at the end of July....).  It seemed like the perfect plan to me, I always dread the spreadsheet required drop off and pick up charts dictating our summer days.  But I admit to wondering how it would really play out.  Would we be bored?  Would I long for a place to drop them off by August?  In June I created an "I'm bored" jar filled with chores kids could select if they used the words, "I'm bored".  Guess what?  It was never used.  Eventually it was placed up in a cupboard.  We had amazingly full days.  Days full of laughter and playing.  Days full of forts, hikes and time outside.  Days full of snuggles, reading, and ice cream.  Days full of the joyful sounds of summer mostly splashing and giggling.  We watched Disney Channel and sang along to Disney Radio.  We spent almost 10 days at the cottage.  We spent 10 days in South Dakota.  We took last minute trips to visit friends, pick berries, or wander the zoo.  In short, we enjoyed the summer as children...all of us. 
Tonight Noah is going to bed tearfully praying that Jesus will make summer last a little while longer.  That there will be an announcement that, "do to technical difficulties...summer will not end."  And if that did happen, I would be the happiest mom in the world.
I know that tomorrow will bring 'fall'.  It will bring 3rd grade.  It will bring busy evenings of football practice, religious ed, and church choir.  It will bring busy days at Hope for me with 2 classes and my mentoring program.  It will bring new adventures and new challenges.  My prayer tonight will be that we can always keep a little of 'the summer of no' tucked away in our hearts, and that on the busiest days we can loose ourselves in the treasured memories for just a moment.....until next summer. 


joan b. said...

What a wonderful summer!