Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013: The last day of summer vacation

The Best of Summer Vacation 2013:

  • Sound:  Laurel Falls, Smoky Mountain National Park
  • Sight:  Smoky Mountains from our deck
  • Smell:  Pine Trees
  • Taste:  Bacon burger on the Pigeon River after rafting
  • Sight:  Watching KC1 take the field and play football
  • Smell:  bacon
  • Taste:  Mercury Burger bar bacon burger 
  • Touch:  a fish on the line
  • Sound:  cicadas in Gatlinberg
  • Smell:  Lemonade at our stand
  • Sound:  Jumping in to a pool
  • Taste:  Michigan Sweet Corn
  • Sight:  Water on 'the bridge hike' in Ludington
As for me, I love so many of the things the kids mentioned.  I love the thud, thud, thud, SPLASH of the kids running off the dock.  I love the sound of a screen door slamming.  I love the feel of sand in my toes.  I love the smell of the lake and of our pop up camper.  I love the sound of laughter and giggles.  I love the sight of smiles and sunsets.  I love the feel of jumping off the boat in to the lake.  I love the kids crawling in to my bed almost every morning for snuggles.  I love eating a late breakfast in PJ's and lunch together.  I love visiting the farmers market together.  I love trips to the garden.  I love saying 'yes' to ice cream or a trip to a park or both.  Most of all I love closing the door to Noah's room tonight and hearing, "Thanks for an awesome summer mom."  


joan b. said...

Love this post!