Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 9, 2013

Monday evening a local (and amazing) chef from Salt of the Earth in Fennville came to speak to my class.  My fabulous friend agreed to host us at her beautiful home.  The evening was perfect.  The students learned the beauty of local, seasonal food.  They learned how to cook with what you have, not necessarily from a detailed menu.  They learned what an heirloom tomato was, and how it tasted better than any tomato they have ever had.  They learned to make homemade mayo.  They helped chop, cook, and present the food.  They ate a deconstructed BLT with their hands.  It was a wonderful way to continue to get to know this new and wonderful group of students.  It was a relaxing evening.  It made my heart happy to share my love of fresh food with my students!