Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

4th grade.  Today the kids started 4th grade.  As I mentioned before, their backpacks were packed Friday night (with a few additions at the last minute....the gigantic 'first day packet' that parents fill out every year, and their lunch).  They could hardly lift the backpacks as they headed out the door.  They were excited to go back and sweet to their sad mama on the walk to the bus stop.  As they boarded the bus, I prayed that their year would be wonderful.  They would work hard and learn lots.  They would have friends and be friends.  They would shine their beautiful lights. 
After school I met them at the bus stop and heard wonderful snippets from each kiddo about the day:
"Mrs. Wise is funny!"  "We have real math books, the kind with a hard cover that you can't write in!"  "My friend forgot a lot of things today, so I gave her a post-it note to write everything down"  "Our homework tonight is to read"  "I played soccer at recess"  They were tired, but happy after their first day.  I missed them so much but was overjoyed when their excited chatter filled the car. 
(Sophie will tell you that the best part of the day was finding out she won an ipod shuffle from the library summer reading program!)
And just like that, we are off and running.  Welcome fall!  (speaking of fall...I had my first pumpkin spice latte today...no, I don't like coffee...but these...woo-hoo!)


joan b. said...

It sounds like the kids had a great first day :) 4th grade - hard to believe!

And Yeah for Sophie in winning (earning) the ipod shuffle!