Monday, September 15, 2014

100 days of Happy: Day 1

Today I am starting 100 happy days.  I came across this challenge while waiting for Noah to get his haircut last week.  After finishing the 'photo a day' over the summer, I think this will be a worthy challenge starting the fall and back to school.  I try to find time each day to notice things I am thankful for.  Things that make me happy.  I am still recording my 1000 gifts (3000+), but this will allow me to be conscious of snapping a pic of something that makes me happy each day. 

Knowing this was starting today, I took a few pictures of things that made me happy.  But, I decided that the happiest moment of the day (so far) was right after the kids got home from school.  They have been doing about 2 hours of homework a night since 5th grade started, adding in football practice and choir and it isn't leaving much down time.  I have come to cherish the short 'forced' down time right after school.  We snuggle up under fuzzy blankets and watch a short cooking show together.  I rotate to each kiddo for some good hugs.  Today I was also enjoying a green tea chai that I created the recipe for yesterday!  When the kids walk in the door after school, and we make the time to sit, to gather close, everything clicks together in my world.  Happy.