Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday September 1

It's a wrap.  Summer of 2014, it was amazing.  This afternoon during a trip to Captain Sundae we talked about our favorite moments.  We talked about cousin time, New York, Climbing the fire tower (conquering a fear), and really everything (well some things more than others....not the Pneumonia or dad being gone).  For me it was the small moments, lunch together everyday, snuggling up at a random 2:00 in the afternoon, morning snuggles in my bed, and pancakes...we made a lot of pancakes this summer (all from scratch and many different recipes).  As all the summers have gone this far, it went too fast.  It seems like we were just unloading backpacks and today we loaded them back up (maybe that's because Noah just cleaned his out this afternoon before re-loading it).  We packed in a lot of memories.  A lot of fun.  A lot of laughter to bring us through the long days of school.  As I say every year, I do not do a happy dance on the first day of school.  I cry.  Big sad tears.  The best days are the days that we are home together.  But, tomorrow starts 5th grade.  The last year of elementary school.  New things to experience, to learn and to love.  I pray that we keep the treasures from this summer tucked closely to our hearts as we start up the busy.  I pray that we can carry a little bit of summer over in to our fall.   A little of the slow.  A lot of the laughter.  Maybe even a few pancakes.  Ready or not, 5th grade here we come.