Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The first day of 5th grade

This last year of elementary school I wish you laughter.  I pray that you will embrace your childhood, and be silly.  Play on the tire swing and play baseball and play and play and play.  I wish that you will gather knowledge and learn not only from textbooks and teachers but from your classmates and the books you read for fun and from people you only meet in passing and places you visit.  I hope that you will grow and mature, and still sit on my lap and snuggle with me in the morning and at night.  I love how you still wave at me as the bus pulls away in the morning.  I pray that you will have wonderful friends who cherish you for the individuals that you are, who appreciate your uniqueness, your sense of style, your sense of humor.  I hope that you will be the role models, the oldest in the school, set the tone, set an example of faith and kindness.  I pray that you will do activities that you love and that nurture the things you enjoy and I also pray that we keep dinner time special and join each night around the table.  I pray that we have time to make pancakes and grill and try new recipes.  I pray that we grow as a family.  We learn together.  We laugh together.  I pray for you everyday because I love you and I know 5th grade is going to be amazing. And I pray for you because I miss you when you aren't at home.