Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back in action!

We enjoyed a healthy Saturday today! Yeah! Abby still woke up several times last night, but she seems to be nearly 100% today! Praise the Lord! Tom took all three kids to pick up donuts this morning, reinacting a tradition from his childhood. Then we headed to the mall to 'meet' Bob the Builder. It was a little different than we expected, and of course after waiting in line for 30 minutes, the kids decided they didn't want to meet him, but we made the most of it! This afternoon we started the process of turning the 'guest bedroom' in to Noah's room. We still have a long ways to go, but the ball is rolling. Go State! Go Tigers!


joan bonnema said...

Yeah!! We're thankful the kids are feeling better - hopefully a full night of sleep tonight. The trip for donuts brought back good memories. Next it will be Tom and the kids chopping wood and you'll be making cinnamon rolls - another favorite tradition :)