Sunday, September 2, 2007

On the Run!

I'm back on the wagon! Today marks the start of my training for another 10K. The kids helped me stretch before my first run. Just like when they were younger! What a riot! The run is in December, and I'm really excited!

Infirmary update: Noah and Sophie are doing pretty well during the day. They still are in a bit of pain and don't sleep well at night (we're all getting a little tired!). Today sweet Abby came down with it as well. She took a good nap, and her fever is down this evening. Prayers again for the end to this nasty bug! We are thankful to have my parents in town to help out this weekend!


joan bonnema said...

Such a beautiful day here - glad the kids could enjoy being outside a bit even though they're not feeling well. Hope this is all behind them soon and they're back to their normal, active selves! Love the 'stretching' pictures :)

Laura said...

Tell Noah that he might be able to run faster if he puts his shoes on the correct feet! :) Reminds me of our Girls on the Run days. :)