Monday, September 24, 2007

Our first trip to the Dentist

This was a big day! The kids visited the dentist for the first time. Our wonderful friend (who happens to be married to the dentist) Kate Bolt went with us. The kids did pretty well, especially Noah who stayed with Ms. Kate so I could sit with Abby on the other side of the room! "Dr. Dan" went to high school with Tom, and was fabulous with the kids. What an adventure!


Marva's "Marvalous" Memories said...

Looks like quite an adventure. I don't envy you paying 3 dentist bills at once though! Love ya! Aunt Marva

Kaiton Family said...

They look so brave!!!! Wow! We have our appointments October 6. The kids will have to give Uncle Chuck a pep talk

joan bonnema said...

The kids were full of stories about their trip to the dentist - Dr. Dan was quite a hit! Thanks to Kate for making the trip with you :)