Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On the road to recovery!

As of today, Sophie and Noah are pretty much better! Praise the Lord! Abby is still having very rough nights, and difficulty eating. She still manages to have pretty good days though. We've got to be close to having 3 healthy kiddos back! This one is teaching endurance that's for sure!


joan bonnema said...

LOVE the video of Noah - he may have a little of his grandma in him after all :) What grace and agility! Glad he and Sophie are doing better - Abby tomorrow, hopefully. It's been a long stretch, hasn't it!
Hope you enjoyed your time at the spa tonight - great timing after a rough week.
Sending love and hugs!

Marva's "Marvalous" Memories said...

Do I see a future pole vaulter here?? Such cute pictures. I'm glad I finally got your link so I can follow what you and the kids are doing. Love you all! Aunt Marva