Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Green (Go White!)

We had a blast at the MSU spring football game on Saturday. It was the kids first trip to MSU stadium, and they looked forward to it all week. Major thunderstorms and monsoon like rain did not slow us down. Ok, it slowed us down a bit, and caused some tears in the ramps of the stadium waiting out the storm.... But the kids were troopers and enjoyed a real tailgate lunch, an exciting football game, shopping on campus, some games of catch with the football, and even a few autographs. This is a family tradition that I remember as a child. It was a wonderful day with family. Thanks mom and dad! The best part....MSU was sure to win!


Kaiton Family said...

Looks like a total blast!! Plus I love your hair color and I love the photo of mom and noah! So much happiness! Love you guys and miss you a lot!

joan b. said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful day in spite of the weather :) Glad you had time for the tailgate party after waiting for Tom to help at Grandma's! Your parents look like they enjoyed every minute and that they're delighted to carry on the tradition with your kids - what fun!

GLMcD said...

Wow that brings back memories - how great to keep up the tradition. I hope Nathan gets to do that too! Love you guys - see you soon