Saturday, April 4, 2009


Noah had a dream come true yesterday when I made him 'Ooblek' to play with . It is just cornstarch and water and I have used it in my science classes in the past to illustrate 'solid and liquid'. If you don't know, when you squeeze it, it forms in your hand and when you open your hand it turns to liquid and runs. He LOVED it! He made GIANT mess! He kept coming back for more! It was great! He's such a scientist! I should have gotten a picture of Tom's awe and wonder when he saw it too. Apparently he's never played with Ooblek before either! Gotta love my boys!
FYI: The girls thought it was cool, but didn't really want to dig in!


Laura said...

Cool. I have never seen that either. You're so good at coming up with science projects for the kids. I remember you doing science "lessons" with the kids when they were about 6 months old. What a good Mom and teacher you are!

Triplet Mom said...

I LOVE Oobleck! I know it well. I always made mine green so it looked like slime. My students loved it, but it was hard to make ahead of time, yes?