Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Fragile Earth

We had a wonderful Earth Day yesterday. The kids learned about it at school, and then after lunch we headed out to see the Disney Nature movie 'Earth'. It was wonderful, majestic, and inspiring. It was also a little scary...very real predator prey interactions. The girls spent a little time buried in their coats. Overall, they loved it and talked about it and asked questions the rest of the day. Today we continued the theme by making very 'fragile' earths. We shaved/smashed crayons and they spread the flakes on a wax paper circle. They watched in awe as I ironed it and then after it cooled pulled the fragile creation away from the paper. We talked about how our real earth is fragile and what we can do to protect it.
In the picture note the graphs that they brought home from preschool on Monday! Geez, my middle school bio students did a graph this week too!!
Happy Earth week! Always like the opportunity to say "Go Green!"


joan b. said...

Love the double entendre in your 'Go Green!" comment :) I'm eager to hear all about the movie - scary parts and all.

Bummer is know what I mean. Ptaiwapom - promise!