Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another great week!

We enjoyed the first official week of summer, and the first week of HOT temperatures!! The kids had an amazing time at Vacation Bible School this week, and I enjoyed having a few hours each morning to get things done :) Monday we braved the hot temps and picked strawberries. We met our friends the Robbins and the patch, and Tom even got home from a day of fishing in time to join us (the kids idea...not his!). I spent the next few days frantically making jam, pies, and even muffins YUMMY!! We even spent a little time at the beach, unfortunately we were not able to swim because of ecoli...ewww! We did do a lot of swimming at weekend two of the cottage!! Even I did a cannon ball :) When's the last time you did a cannon ball? Noah was amazed!!! We had an amazing time with the family and were so excited to spend time with Laura, Ben and darling baby Amelia! It was a priceless weekend. It is the 50th summer that Joan's family has been at the cottage. It is such a treasure to think of the history, as well as watch my kids amazingly perfect joy as they experience the 'magic' of that place.


joan b. said...

What a great weekend at the cottage watching your kids have such fun and enjoying time as a family! Thanks for spending time with us - as you said, it was priceless!