Monday, June 22, 2009

The storm

Friday night brought our area a terrible thunder storm complete with lightning, 60-70 mile an hour winds, and RAIN! It was the worst storm I can remember. I was off running errands and had to drive home in it. It took forever because of so much water in the roads, trees down, and power lines hanging. It was a mess. For the second time in 5-6 years we had a large part of a tree fall on our patio. It's much bigger this time, but seems to have destroyed less of the patio (we hope). It did manage to scare my already terrified of storms son to pieces! He and Tom were waiting out the storm in the family room when it came down. Needless to say he doesn't believe us that storm are not scary now! We also lost power for 24 hours, and came home from the cottage Sunday night (me, with the kids Tom was out of town) to find a portion of our basement with very wet carpet. This was sad and frustrating. I am so thankful for my uncle who came over to help me pull up pad and carpet at 10:30pm on Father's Day. He is amazing. Even with the small disasters around here, we are thankful that we are all safe, it certainly could have been a lot worse.


joan b. said...

Thank you, UB! We were feeling rather helpless and glad you were there to give Anna a hand!