Monday, June 1, 2009

What have we been up to/ Where have we been!!??

Where have we been....wait until you see all we've been up to these past few weeks!!!!!!

Noah ready for his first t-ball practice!
The girls are ready too!

The kids in DC during our trip to Annapolis to see friends the Falkowski's.

Our visit to see "real live heroes"

The kids had a blast playing in the beautiful yard together! They miss their friends!

The kids love the Air and Space Museum in DC

Boating in Annapolis!

I miss my friend! Tonia and I before the adult night out.

Preschool Graduation. Ok, it brought a tear to my eye. Where does time go?

Last Day of Preschool at the park!

Weekend in Livonia while Tom golfed up north. The kids had a blast at my mom's school farm!

Kids spring play at preschool! Attended by grandma B and "UB" and Aunt Melanie!


Kaiton Family said...

well it was sure worth the wait. wonderful update! miss you guys so much!

joan b. said...

Love the pictures of all you've done lately! The kids will be surprised to hear I'm going horseback riding on Wednesday :)