Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greetings from Massachusetts

I am writing this post from Northampton, Massachusetts. I flew in Wednesday and visited Williams College in Williamston Mass. today (established in 1793!). Tomorrow I will be visiting Smith College before flying home. The visits are because both of these colleges have mentoring programs like I am creating/directing at Hope College. My visit today was very informative. I enjoyed speaking with many wonderful faculty and students as well as soaking in the beauty of the college which is nestled in the Berkshires. I am having a wonderful time, but am anxious to get home to my kiddos tomorrow night!

This week before I left we celebrated Noah and Sophie's "special days". The days they came home from the hospital. They were such joyous days 6 years ago. This week, they didn't end up being very joyous for the kids. Sunday night (the day before his special day) Noah spent the entire night with a stomach bug. I do mean the entire night. Monday he was tired but recovering. Not a great way to celebrate your special day. Especially sad was that it was his week to create his "very own poster" for school. He finally returned on Wednesday and hopes to share his poster on Friday.

Tuesday was Sophie's special day. It started out great, and even included a trip to the opening of Captain Sundae (yeah!) and to get flowers. Tuesday night, she went down with the bug.

Needless to say it was very difficult for me to leave on Wednesday, leaving sick kiddos at home is something that tears out my heart. I knew they would be loved and cared for by daddy and grandma (thank you!) but selfishly, I like to be the one taking care of them when they are sick. Ok, I don't love stomach bugs...but do love snuggles.

We continue to pray that Abby manages to avoid this bug all together (her special day is next Tuesday). (Tom and me too!)

Enjoy the photos!


joan b. said...

Just talked to Tom and he said your trip is very worthwhile and that the area is beautiful!

Your kids have been absolutely charming and all are feeling well. I know what you mean about wanting to be home when they're sick - mommies can't be replaced, can they.

Have fun and enjoy what's left of your time in beautiful Massachusettes :)