Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the March sunshine!! Abby had a clay snowman tile from school selected to be on display at the Holland Area Arts Council during the month of March. She was THRILLED! (and so were we!) We went downtown to check it out yesterday and she wanted to wear her Easter dress for the occasion (how cute it that!?). It was a very proud moment for all of us!!

Noah had a blast at his second week of 'Hockey skills' skating class. He just loves it!!

We had an adventure Saturday night when our power went out for about 3-4 hours. It was dark, quiet, and a bit chilly. Noah got to sleep in the girls room, I read by candle light, and Tom went crazy and insisted on going to the grocery store. It was strangely quiet and peaceful in a powerless house.

Today I gave Tom the gift of a couple hours off and I took the kids to Michaels to paint name canvases. They had a blast and it was a riot!

Now we are winding down and looking forward to 'Sunday night movie night' A perfect way to end the weekend!


joan b. said...

Oh, my - glad the electricity wasn't off in downtown! It was so wonderful seeing you there for a few minutes after we saw Abby's artwork - she's a talented little girl!

And Noah got to sleep in the girls' fun! What a great weekend for all of you :)

Laura said...

Yeah, Abby! We're so proud of you! What a beautiful snowman you made! You're such a great artist. We love you and miss you so much! Uncle Ben, Aunt Laura and Amelia