Friday, March 26, 2010

A Wonderful Book!

A little while back I was contacted via my blog by former 60 minutes producer, author, and identical twin Abigail Pogrebin and asked to read her new book about identical twins, "One and the Same". Obviously I was honored and thrilled to get started! Below is my review of this amazing book, one that I highly recommend. Pick it up and let me know what you think!
"As the mom of 6 year old triplets, consisting of a set of identical twin girls and a boy, my husband and I have always looked at their relationship with a sort of wonder. What would it be like to have someone always with you? How is it that they can sooth each other with the touch of a hand? I have sisters but what must it be like to have not only a brother the same age but a sister who is your identical? We look in wonder as one of my daughters asks the other to turn around so she can see "what our hair looks like" rather than using a mirror. Aside from awe inspiring, it has always made us curious.
Abigail Pogrebin gave me a wonderful glimpse in to the world of identical twins in her book, "One and the Same". I was immediately drawn in and immersed myself in her interviews that covered a wide variety of identical twin pairs. Each interview gave a further glimpse in to a different aspect of what it is like to live life as an identical. Some of the interviews tugged at my heart strings, like the one that interviewed a set of triplets, consisting of identical girls and a fraternal. The fraternal sister always felt a bit set apart, which made me think of what it must be like for my son. Other interviews made my heart ache as the pairs described a gradual growing apart as they grew older (which as a mom of 6 year olds is hard to imagine) or as the topics of terminal disease as it is related to identical twins was discussed. Mostly the interviews moved me further to a sense of awe as the pairs described 'love affairs' with each other. It's the only way to sufficiently describe it. The need many twins have to touch each other, the way they finish each other's thoughts, the self described closeness is like none other. This book contained a perfect balance of interview, personal stories, and science that made it very hard to put down!
'One and the Same' sheds a fascinating light on to the world of identical twins. The quest they face to remain connected to each other while foraging independence. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has or knows identical twins as well as anyone who is curious about this amazing bond."
Have a wonderful day!


joan b. said...

Great review, Anna! Do you still have the book - I'd love to read it! And yes, your girls certainly have a special bond and Noah will forever be their protective, helpful brother! It's amazing to watch them interact :)