Monday, March 22, 2010

What we've been doing...

Beautiful Smith College

Indoor bulb show at Smith College

Noah learning hockey skills (in red)

learning how to make maple syrup with grandma and grandpa

Abby and her 'special' flowers from Uncle Ben

Abby's poster

The bunny we made with love for baby Kaitlin

I'm home safe and sound from a productive and beautiful visit to Smith and Williams Colleges. It was wonderful to be back with the kids...even if it was only for a few days before I took off again for an International Mentoring conference in Orlando last week. Again, it was a very beneficial conference though I was a bit more travel weary this time. I did walk from my hotel to Sea World a place I had never been. Friday after the conference ended I rented a car and made a very quick trip to Cocoa Beach to visit my sister Laura and her new baby daughter (and her amazing son and Gavin too!). They are all doing well and baby Kaitlin is amazing. I forgot my camera on that entire trip, so I'll try to get some pictures from Laura!! It was hard to leave after only one day, but I missed my kiddos so much too! I go back for my regularly scheduled 'help after baby' visit in late April. So, I'm home again and getting back in to a routine. It's hard to be away, and I'm soaking in all the snuggles that I can. Thanks to my mom and dad who helped out this trip with the kids. In between travels Noah has been greatly improving at hockey. Abby has had her 'very own poster' day at school. Abby also celebrated her 'special day' the day she came home (finally!) from the NICU with flowers sent from her loving godfather Uncle Ben. Do you see that smile???? It really has not left her face in 6 days!

Prayers tonight for Tom's amazing, strong and beautiful grandma Bonnema who has pneumonia.

I hope there are signs of spring surrounding you as you read this!



joan b. said...

So Abby would like to live in Chicago :) Her poster is great and her picture with the flowers from Uncle Ben is priceless!

Glad you had such worthwhile trips and that you were able to see your new niece!

Laura said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the glad to know that she liked them. She's one super special little girl and her Uncle Ben (and Aunt Laura) loves her very much!