Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apples, Art Prize, and Amazing Miracles

We had an Awesome weekend.

Saturday after Noah's soccer game we headed to Crane's to pick apples. It was a perfect fall day and we had a wonderful time picking apples, eating donuts, drinking cider and laughing together.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to 'Art Prize' in downtown GR. It was amazing. The kids LOVE art these days so it was wonderful for them to see the variety of works on display! Abby LOVED this giant bird nest made from apple tree branches.

This was another fun one...can you find all 5 of us?

The world's largest greeting card...I loved the inside (which has also been signed my many!)

Finally, every time we drive by Spectrum Downtown the kids say, "Mommy, is that where you got your best presents ever? So today, downtown they kept pointing to all the tall buildings and asking if that was where. We decided to take them there. We parked and took the once very familiar walk up to the DeVos Children's Hospital NICU. The smells were the same. The path was very clear. Once in the entry way (as far as we told the kids we could go) we showed them where we scrubbed in each day to visit them. The nurse at the entry was kind enough to show us the board of all of the nurses currently working there. We immediately picked out Dawn, our favorite and the one who cared for the kids the most. Through the hand of God, she happened to be working this evening and she came out to meet us. She immediately recognized Tom and myself and was stunned and amazed to see how our tiny fragile babies have grown in to amazing, funny 6 1/2 year olds. The girls even told her they wanted to work in a NICU someday. In the elevator we met a husband pushing his wife and her IV in a wheelchair. They had given birth to their son today. 6 weeks early. They asked the kids if they were born here. "Yep, we were!" they proudly responded. I pray for them tonight and pray that seeing our 30 weekers today brought them some peace and hope. Thank God tonight for our amazing miracles.
Dawn with Tom and Noah March 2004
Dawn and our amazing miracles October 2010


joan b. said...

The NICU - what memories! I think your three miracles are THE Art Prize winners this year!

Laura said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend. how special that you got to visit the NICU! (on a side note: Dawn's hair has improved in the 6 1/2 years.) :)