Friday, October 1, 2010


Can you believe it's October!! Here are a few photos from our month. We had a MSU 'tailgate' party with the family of one of the kids friends from school. The kids played and the grown-ups watched the game! Go State! The kids have been enjoying art class at school. I love the treasures they bring home! Today they had a 'laps for Lakeshore' event and they ran/walked the track for 30 minutes. It ended up being warmer than we expected and they were hot and tired after the half hour! So fun!
I registered for the GR half marathon yesterday. There's no going back now. This is a big weekend of running for me: 7 today (not my best feeling run but we did go fast-8.5 min miles), 2 tomorrow and 12 on Sunday. It's the longest run before the race on October 17. I'm excited, nervous and a little ready to get it done! I'm running with a friend and it is sure an adventure! Prayers that my legs hold out, I've been a little sore these days (picture my awesome sister Martha-who is also training for a 1/2 on the same day in LA-who is a physical therapist giving Tom stretching instructions for me via speaker phone!). It takes a village to prepare a runner!
Happy October!

The girls and their friend Ella at 'laps for Lakeshore' (1st grade wore blue!)

Noah running his laps (left side of the picture-long stride)

'monsters' from art class (L-R Sophie's, Abby's , Noah's)

The art wall L-R Monsters, Sophie's 1st grade self portrait, Noahs 'self portrait' on an airplane to LA, Abby's 1st grade self portrait, Noah's end of kindergarten self portrait, Sophie's Kindergarten self portrait, Abby's kindergarten self portrait

Go State! Tailgate party!


joan b. said...

Is Noah excited about your trip to L.A.?!? Love his self portrait :)

Great pics - such fun times!