Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Noah

Abby and Sophie were home sick from school on Friday. Noah was awesome and went off for the entire day on his own. He didn't think twice about riding the bus alone. That night after he was asleep I found these 3 letters in his backpack from writing time at school. He has the most tender heart. I love him.

Dear Dad: Your the best dad in the 'Universe' I love you a lot and don't forget I love you. I can't wait to see you tonight. Sincerely, Noah B
Dear Abby and Sophie: I love you a lot. Your the best sisters ever. I hope you girls are feeling better soon. I love you. Love Noah

Dear Mom: I love you a lot don't forget that I love you. i will take home some popcorn. Sincerely, Noah
Let me explain: it was the once a month 'popcorn Friday' at school where they get to buy a bag of popcorn for .25 and watch a movie. He brought two extra quarters to buy a bag for each of his sisters :)


joan b. said...

Oh, my. Noah has got to be about the sweetest boy ever! Love his tender heart - the tough/tender nature just like his daddy :)

Kaiton Family said...

I have tears running down my face! I LOVE THAT BOY! Get him out here into my arms RIGHT NOW!!! OMG I can't wait to hang out with your amazing kiddos!