Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks for the Prayers!

Today I completed my first half marathon. It was amazing. The weather was perfect. The course was beautiful. My parents, Tom and the kids were amazing 'fans'. My running partner and friend Peggy was a rock star! I was able to smile while I ran. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the fall colors. I was able to say prayers for Martha who started a half marathon in Long Beach, CA at 7 am, just about as we were crossing the finish line. (SHE ROCKED, SHE IS AMAZING!)

The verse, "I will run and not grow weary..." was my mantra for the last 2 miles.

Thank you for the prayers, good wishes, and support! At a little after 10 am today we finished with a time of 2 hours and 3 minutes (just 3 mintues longer than our goal!). How am I feeling tonight? Proud. (and very very sore!)

My shirt caused about 20 people to yell, "GO MOMMY GO" as I ran past! It was amazing.


Jenny and Nelly said...

Anna, congrats on your run! I'm so proud of you and Martha. We look forward to seeing you guys Thursday!!

joan b. said...

So proud of you, Anna! Running with a smile is not easy...
Congratulations on achieving such a remarkable goal!