Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today we had a very 'blue' day. Not in a sad way, we did lots of laughing!

We had a wonderful afternoon picking blueberries with friends at an organic field north of Holland. The kids were excellent pickers and we went home with about 8 lbs after less than an hour! A short time later we went to see our most anticipated movie of the summer, "SMURFS" I grew up watching Smurfs at 9:30 on Saturday morning. I own not one but two smurf vintage t-shirts (yes, the girls are wearing them today!). I own Season 1 of the cartoons on DVD. Hence, my kids also love Smurfs! We LOVED the movie about the darling little blue creatures. After the disappointment of removing Cars 2 from the summer list because of many horrible reviews, the kids were thrilled to head to the movies. We ended the day with a trip to the library for some new books for the kids, and then the grocery store for a bedtime snack (warm pretzels). The kids actually followed me around the store with their noses in their books. I had to tell them about 10 times to watch out for people! As we left the store I looked behind me to see a line of readers somehow silently following me. I laughed out loud, and then took their picture.

Lots of laughing on our blue day!


joan b. said...

Fun day!! Those books must have been interesting :)

Laura said...

oooh, will blueberries still be in season when we are there in a few weeks? I would love to take Amelia to do that! She LOVES blueberries....her favorite fruit. Can hardly wait to see you guys. Miss you!